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France | scénographie de l’exposition-atelier temporaire «N’en jetez plus!», appel d’offres ouvert en procédure adaptée | 2009 | cité de l’architecture et du patrimoine, Paris | 150 m² | avec Michele Brusasca, graphiques |
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The design of the scenography is settled on a base of three recycle wooden modules of different species : 420 elements, structured according to the logical order of the gathered bricks, give birth to the three main spaces of the exposition :the situation in the world : RETURN TO,

the eco-responsible housing : REDUCE

the workshop, the house under construction : REUSE, RECYCLE

This structure is composed of wooden frames so that it enable to handle all the functions of the exposition: support, surface and container for the replenishment materials, demarcation of the differents spaces, support fo cartels and lighting. The structure calls up the housing design itself as a fundamental element and echos back to the first housing systems such as caves or huts.

To avoid the idea of the single living, collide with the holistic approach, the shape of the structure is designed to recalls a collective housing.

Lighting and use of colours are primordial in the mise-en-scène:

the “wrong moves” are gathered in a part of the exposition lighted up with a red-light

the “right moves”, warmly lighted up , evokes the living and highlights the warm and comforting sides of wood.

images © Federico Kraus