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Bandol, France | aménagement intérieur villa Rudy Ricciotti | 2008 | 100 000 € HT | 255 m² |
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Intervention on a Rudy Ricciotti villa in Bandol in the Var in which light and water are ever-present. The villa expands on three tangling levels because of adopting the shape of the roc on which it has been built. A 30 meter length swimming pool follows the facade of the higher level. The interior design reminds the presence of the roc takings shapes of wooden sculptures at each level of the villa. Every function of the interior spaces are handled by an openwork wooden panel which, composed of about 1700 modules of three different lengths, lays out the three levels of the house on more than 300m² integrating cupboards, tables, beds, a desk, bathrooms, small kitchens and so on. The distortion is owed to slight differences in the assemblage of the pieces of wood.


photos © Fernando Guerra